Author: Hannah Nicklin

A still image screen capture from Forest of Sleep, displaying an illustrative, storybook style.

Production update: December 2016

Hey everyone, Ed here, this an update on the production side of where Forest of Sleep is at right now. We’re being particularly candid as we try and navigate a tricky point because 1) we feel it’s the best way to support the team and 2) because we think this kind of honesty is useful in the games development ecosystem. The tl;dr of this post is that for now, the rest of the team are stepping back for 3-6 months while I make some progress on the game almost-solo. This means you should hire our excellent freelancers Chris Butler (C++/C#/Unity Development) and Hannah Nicklin (narrative design, writing and production) in the meantime. They’re looking for work starting January, jump to the end of the post for more on them/how to contact them.

Over to Hannah:

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A collection of 5 individuals, in the same illustrative hand-drawn style and dress used in Forest of Sleep.

Meet the Forest of Sleep team

Welcome! You may have been wondering about the radio silence over the past year or so, but we’re pleased to say we’re gently reviving the long-hibernating Twisted Tree Games blog! In welcoming Hannah Nicklin aboard as producer in March, we’ve now got the capacity to attempt to talk to in public about the interesting things we’re doing behind closed doors (with the upcoming game, that is. Otherwise you’d be getting a long list of all the great plant Ed’s eaten recently). Read more