1.0 "Final" version released on Steam and Humble


I'm happy to announce that the "1.0" build of Proteus is now available to download on Humble and Steam. If you bought a beta version, see the instructions below for how to get a fresh download of the standalone version or a Steam key or both. My brain is fried so this is kind of a short post, but there'll be more soon, including a partial explanation about the nature of all things. Some of them anyway.

For now…

Information for Beta Purchasers

If you bought the beta via Humble, you can simply re-download from your Humble Library to get the new build.

You should also find a Steam key on the game page for Proteus. If these aren't immediately visible, give it a few minutes for the changes to filter through. The keys are already on the system, just waiting for the link-up with Steam to go live.

If for whatever reason you can't find your download link, enter your email into the Humble Key Resender and that will send you links for everything you've purchased via them, including Proteus.

If you bought via FastSpring, you should have received an email last year with a link to a Humble download, but if if this got lost somehow, just use the link above and you'll get an email with a download link exactly as if you'd bought via Humble.

Artifact Edition

If you preordered the physical Artifact Edition of Proteus, thanks for bearing with us for so long. We recently had to divert all our efforts to hitting this date, so design and production work will resume in February. We're still excited about the contents, even though we're probably going to make a net loss on it. Ah well! Thanks again for your patience, and we hope you like it when it arrives. We should also have a small surplus of these, depending on production runs, so expect another chance to get hold of one