Artifact Edition orders closing… CLOSED!

Hey all,

At the time of writing, we have 289 orders for the Artifact Edition, so we're going to close orders on this until we've printed, assembled and posted this batch.

I think we'll stop taking orders when we hit 300, or on August 3rd, whichever is sooner. Sales are pretty quiet just now, so it seems like a good time. If we overshoot 300, that's cool. Hopefully there isn't a rush of orders whilst I'm asleep!

We're amazed that so many people have bought it and recently we've been quietly planning contents and costing up components. I don't think we'll make much profit on these, but we think people are going to be pretty happy with the package! More details when we have more prices and feasible options figured out.

"Upgrading": A couple of people who bought the Standard Edition emailed me a few months ago about whether it'll be possible to upgrade: We'll still honour that, and if you email me before the 300 limit (ed at I'll sort this out for you too.

Delivery Address: Don't worry about confirming postage details for now. Once orders are closed, I'll send out a mail confirming your information and containing a progress update on what'll be in the package, and maybe some teaser images.

Mac and Linux builds: Barring any unexpected technical problems these will be on the disc in this first batch!

Future Artifacts: Once we've released the "1.0" version and shipped all of this current batch, we'll think about doing another run, which may differ slightly from this batch. We'll also make the OST available digitally, probably via Bandcamp.

(Image: Business card/packet of seeds from Indiecade 2011. Photo by Kris Piotrowski)