Beta 0.2.1

We just released a small update for the beta released last week, including a couple of major fixes and some other little things.

Here's an uncharacteristically detailed changelist:

  • Fixed crash on startup on some Macs
  • Fixed mouse cursor sometimes appearing on Macs
  • Fixed rare random crash when loading postcards on PCs (with fallback safety option if it still happens)
  • Fixed missing 360 controller support on PC (gamepad for Mac coming in future)
  • Removed "unlock" button for now, as it was confusing
  • Added a "Please Wait" to make the loading screen a bit more obvious
  • Re-added falling leaves and blossom
  • Sightly tweaked audio mixing levels
  • Various other in-game fixes

This is available by re-downloading from the Humble Store page.

Thanks to Jonathan as ever for the hard work on the Mac version, Dana and George for helping test the horrible random postcard crash and Robin for the header image.