FAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions)

I thought I'd try and collate a few things here. Please add a comment below if I missed anything!

When is the Mac version due?

My current estimate is around May August(?). The first step will be to get it running on Linux using Mono and then the hopefully simple next step from there of packaging it for OSX.

If I preorder the current version, does that include Mac/Linux?

Yes - the price includes Windows/Mac/Linux versions. If you're waiting for either Mac or Linux, feel free to hold off from preordering until there's more news. The $7.50/$30 prices will still be in effect when those come out.

I'm tempted by the Artifact Edition, but not yet sure whether to buy it. What should I do?

We don't want the Artifact Edition to be a gamble, so what we'll do is allow anyone who's bought the Standard version to upgrade to the Artifact just by paying the difference in price. I'll set this up later this month, but it will definitely happen. By that time we'll also be able to post a bit more about the contents and physical packaging.

What is the "OST Suite" in the Artifact Edition?

This is music built from the audio in the game. David sent me a rough cut a few months ago, and I love it already!

(It's different from the preorder bonus piece - that is more indirectly related to the game. If people are curious about the "Worms Present" piece we'll maybe post something about it soon)

Will the final version have a goal or some more traditional gameplay?

I'm not religiously against it, and am very interested to hear peoples' thoughts on this, but probably not. The main idea here is a for the exploration and discovery to be motivated by the enjoyment of finding new things for its own sake. I found a strange effect when something goal-like was introduced, where players would latch onto it and it dramatically changed the atmosphere of the game. This could get waay too long and rambling for an FAQ answer, but let's say that it's an area of interest for me at least. (Also, see the next answer for more)

So what can we expect in the Beta period?

We're *definitely* going to add a lot more to discover in the game world, including more locations, more weird magical/psychedelic effcts, more creatures (and more behaviours and suprises to existing creatures).

We've also been discussing some meta-game features, like sharing and revisiting islands. One idea is to have a kind of "living postcard" system: Screenshots will have world generation information embedded in them, so if someone posts one on a forum, twitter, email, etc, you'll be able to open it in the game and explore that same island. We'll probably weave some nice stuff around this, but it would spoil it to explain much more here!

Another possible addition is new game modes, so maybe there'll be different ways to explore the island(s) with different constraints.

Will there ever be multiplayer?

We'll think about this! There are lots of design problems involved, e.g. what would the other players look like? would that change the feeling of the game too much? We won't rule it out, but I promise that it won't disrupt the single player experience - no "Player X wants to join you!" stuff.

Why is my comment taking a long time to appear?

It might be stuck waiting for approval. I'm going to try and change a wordpress setting to fix this!

Will there be a forum for the game?

Yes, in March sometime. Update: It's here

If you get on Steam, will you be doing Steam unlocks for people who buy direct from your site?

Yes, this is definitely possible, just needs a little work on the infrastructure for it. We'll have more details if and when it's applicable.