Announcing! Forest of Sleep music from A Hawk and a Hacksaw

We are delighted to announce the final piece of the Forest of Sleep Team Puzzle! Slotting satisfactorily into place are folk duo A Hawk and a Hacksaw who we'll we working with to make music for the game soundtrack. To have a listen to the kind of music they make, play the above video, recorded live at WYNC's ​Soundcheck.​ The song is taken from their latest album, You Have Already Gone to the Other World

A Hawk and a Hacksaw are from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are made up of accordionist Jeremy Barnes (previously the drummer for Neutral Milk Hotel) and the incredible violinist Heather Trost. We're particularly pleased to be working with them because they share many of the Eastern European, Carpathian and Balkan traditions that are influencing the folktale setting of the game. They tour extensively across the globe and we feel really privileged to be able to work with them. As part of the soundtrack, they’ll also be working with musician friends in Hungary, Romania and elsewhere for extra layers of instrumentation.

Ed explains how the collaboration came about:

I’ve loved A Hawk and A Hacksaw’s music for years, and it almost certainly fed into my interest in this part of the world, as well as featuring heavily on “mood” playlists I’d made for this and other projects. We’ve already got some beautiful material lined up, experimenting with the idea of randomly associating themes with characters and we’re excited to take it further.

You can get a sense of their music from the video above, or check them out on Facebook.

Also, stay tuned to the blog/our twitter/mailing list next month, when we'll be releasing an in-depth interview post with them, exploring how they're working on the music for the game, and some of the things we might expect from their soundtrack.

Thanks for reading!