What a week… We just got back from Nottingham's fantastic GameCity festival!

A few of my personal highlights:

  • Seeing George Buckenham and Doug Wilson's "Proteus Frog God Mod" running on the trampolines. Every time I wandered into the Venus Patrol area I couldn't help cracking a big grin at the kids soaring over treetops accompanied by mix of frog melodies and trampoline creaks. Here's a post on Hookshot Inc.
  • "Reads Like a Seven" - a Simon Parkin-curated evening of game journalists/critics reading their work to a packed bar. I was a bit dubious about this, but it turned out to be really wonderful. If this runs at a future festival, check it out. Here's a writeup by Chris Chapman which does it more justice than I could.
  • The Proteus Live event as a whole, and perhaps especially the Q&A after the "live" run. I hope it was as interesting for the audience as it was for me, because some of those questions went really deep. I'll make a seperate post on the main event and add a bit of background info on what happened and how it fits into future plans.
  • Playing a whole bunch of new games was pretty great: I got to play Adam Saltsman and co's simple, complex, beautiful Hundreds and played George Buckenham's B.U.T.T.O.N.-meets-Battlezone keyboard-fighting-game "A Bastard" on the dancemats that had been laid out for MegaGIRP. MegaBastard was born, and it was great. If it's not at the next Wild Rumpus then there's something wrong.
  • This isn't a single hightlight, but meeting devs, organisers and other attendees was a constant pleasure. For me, being an indie developer is a weird mix of sitting on your own stressing about stuff then ocassionally and suddenly feeling part of this huge international family. These events and the people at them are what makes it all possible for me.

Oh, and we didn't win the GameCity Prize. As pretty much everyone knew it would, that went to Journey. It's hard to feel bad about that choice!

Finally I'd like to say a big heart-felt thank you to Iain Simons, David Hayward, Phil McGough, Christine MacSween, Chloe Smith, Chris White, the stewards and everyone else for their hospitality, for keeping everything running and for the invitation to come in the first place. See you next year!

(Lovely game stickers by A J Hateley)