A game by Twisted Tree

Also available via Steam, Humble Store, and itch.io. (Check these sites for periodic discounts)

Proteus is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, in association with Curve Studios. For more details, click here.

Proteus Artifact Edition

You can also now buy the limited-run Proteus Artifact Edition – a collection of beautiful, esoteric objects, expanding on the world and ethos of the game:

Proteus: Artifact Edition


Proteus Suites

David Kanaga’s “Proteus Suites” (included in the Artifact Edition) are also available to buy and stream via bandcamp:

“Proteus is a brief experience, and for all its mysteries, has a disarmingly straightforward message about nature and mortality. […] It’s beautiful and meditative, with just enough strangeness and sadness about it”

Oli Welsh, eurogamer.net

“It is beautiful, a beautiful thing. And it makes me happy – happy because it is so intrinsically interesting and emotional”

Keith Stuart, guardian.co.uk

“They’re my reflections, my feelings, that I’ve let the game reflect to me. I am certain another player will see a different world, hear a different song. […] I come away from it feeling elated. And that makes Proteus feel very special to me. It’s such a pleasure knowing it will be the same for so many others.”

John Walker, rockpapershotgun.com

Anti-Grand ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Landscape’ exhibition Richmond, Virginia 2015
Digital Revolution at the Barbican London 2014
BAFTA nominee “Debut Game” London 2013
Rezzed Leftfield Collection Birmingham 2013
IGF Nuovo Finalist San Francisco 2012
Wild Rumpus/Venus Patrol “All Other Parties are Trite and Dull” selection San Francisco 2012
Gamecity Prize – Shortlisted Nottingham, UK 2012
MoMA Studio “Common Senses” selection New York 2012
AMAZE “Most Amazing Game” Berlin 2012
Lunarcade – selection Shanghai 2011
Indiecade “Best Audio” Los Angeles 2011


Will Proteus have any future updates?

The only planned updates at the moment are essential maintenance.

Technical Support

First, if the problem is a crash or graphical corruption, please ensure you have updated your computer’s graphics drivers to the latest stable version. This will usually be possible via the manufacturer’s website.

Second, if the crash is occurring with an older stand-alone (i.e. not Steam) version of the game, please try downloading the latest build from your Humble download page or other store page.

If this does not resolve the problem please read on.

Game crashes on startup

On Windows (likely on an Intel HD graphics card, which is causing problems with Proteus 1.2.1)

Try reverting to Proteus 1.2 – see below for details if using Steam. If using a standalone installer, please contact me.

On OSX 10.6.8

Please try the following workaround:

Open Terminal.app (Spotlight should be able to point you to it), and enter in these four lines: (If the first one can’t find the directory, this will be because the Proteus install is somewhere else. If you can’t figure out where please let us know…)

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Proteus/Proteus.app/Contents/MacOS/
curl -O http://www.flibitijibibo.com/osxboehm.tar.bz2
tar xvfj osxboehm.tar.bz2
Game has inverted draw depth – the trees and sky appear through the terrain

Assuming graphics drivers are up to date, this seems to be something introduced on certain ATI cards in patch 1.2.1. The current workaround is to revert to Proteus version 1.2.