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An experimental storytelling game inspired by Eastern European folk tales.

Forest of Sleep is a procedurally generated graphical storytelling game, inspired by Eastern European folktales. Built out of a central collaboration between Proteus co-creator Ed Key and animator and illustrator Nicolai Troshinsky, the game is beautifully hand-illustrated and animated, with a specially commissioned soundtrack of regional folk music.

Forest of Sleep will combine centuries-old ideas of folk tale plot, structure and character with frameworks for procedurally generating stories. As you play Forest of Sleep, you make decisions that the game responds to resulting in a new story each time. This playful collaboration is driven by an ambitious system that works with the player to produce stories and situations that follow similar patterns – as in folktales – but which are satisfyingly different and surprising each time.

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Ed Key – Co-Designer, Developer
Nicolai Troshinsky – Co-Designer, Art and Animation
Hannah Nicklin – Creative Producer
Chris Butler – Developer
Martin Kvale – Sound Design
Joonas Turner – Sound Effects
A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost) – Music
Aubrey Hesselgren – Additional Development
Kerry Turner – Consultancy

Forest of Sleep is in part supported by a grant from the UK Games Fund.


When is it out?

We don’t know yet, possibly late 2017, early 2018. Now add ⅓ onto that time.

Where can I buy it?

We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

What platforms will it be available on?

Definitely PC/Mac, and ideally on iOS tablet, we’ll work hard to try and release it in other forms, but it depends on the kind of investment we’re able to get.

How can I find out more?

Following us on , and , on the blog, and signing up to the mailing list is an excellent way to stay uptodate, and to receive updates and insight on the design and development process

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