Over the past two weeks we've been hard at work on new content and tweaking and fixing existing in-game things. Mostly this has been about adding a dramatic new event in autumn. We want to fill out the season a bit more, but thinking more about environmental story-fragments and magical events than creatures. The block of work after this will include more creatures in summer, some twists on the way the island is generated and possibly some new things in winter, although that season will keep its current mood.

(Sorry to be so vague! This paragraph could just say "working hard on stuff we hope you'll like")


Seems like Autumn is a time of festivals!

  • Proteus is due to appear at Fantastic Arcade in Austin from 20th-23rd September, where David is doing a developer's commentary event. (I wish I could have made it too)
  • I'll be accompanying it as part of the "Artists' Games Night" at Spike Island in Bristol on the 20th September. (Tonight!)
  • It's showing in Melbourne at Freeplay this Saturday (22nd September)
  • It's going to be part of MoMA's Common Senses exhibition running from 24th September to 19th November in New York
  • David and I will be doing some Proteus-related events atNottingham's GameCity. This is in October - more news later. (Come to GameCity, it's amazing!)

It feels a bit overwhelming… We're really honoured to be part of these events and humbled to be in the company of so many great games. Do come and say hello if you're at any of the ones that we're at!


As you might have already read, Proteus is going to be launched on Steam* later this year. We don't have a launch date yet, but hopefully it will be around the end of October. This might slip to November, but either way our plan is to try and launch on time and then do a "1.1" update later rather than delay it. (In the longer term, we have some loose plans for a 1.5-ish update sometime in 2013. This will be based around some modding and remixing ideas)

(*Everyone who has bought the game via Humble or Fastspring will get a Steam key.)

Thanks for your support as always - it's going to be a busy few months!