Humble Indie Bundle 8

We're excited to announced that Proteus is currently available as part of the Humble Indie Bundle 8! Pay-what-you-want for Proteus, Hotline Miami, Dear Esther, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone and Little Inferno, plus a bunch of soundtracks.

A Note on the Bonus EP/Soundtrack:

The 10 minute track included with the bundle is the same as the one that you currently get with regular Proteus orders: An abstract story related by one of the creatures of Proteus, weaving together some memories (that is, early soundtrack sketches) of the island from the days when it was still called Nodeland.

The full album-length arrangement of the soundtrack is still work-in-progress and will hopefully be available later this summer. It's a big part of the delayed "Artifact Edition," so will probably be exclusive to that at first, then released via Bandcamp soon after.