Proteus 1.2 patch for Windows, Mac and Linux

Stones and spheres

Hi all,
We've just released a small update for Proteus on Windows/Mac/Linux. This is mainly to fix a crash (or very long hang) on first run on OSX Mavericks, and to greatly improve the framerate on all versions. (This was due to me leaving in some terrible debug code many months ago… there'll be stricter code-reviews around here from now on, let me tell you)

If you had no framerate or crashing problems, the main update is that I've added some of the "wilder islands" features from the PSVita/PS3 port. Some of these are subtle, some aren't, and they're all locked until you play through once, then are randomly applied on future islands. They are all purely visual or "structural" things. You can also change the "Wildness" setting in the "Other" options menu if you want to force "normal" islands or maximum wildness.

Here's a list of changes:

  • Fix for crash on startup on OSX Mavericks
  • General framerate improvement
  • Slight tweak to title screen animation
  • "Wild" islands have 10 or so new possible wild traits
  • "Wild Islands" setting in the menu is now "Never"/"Maybe"/"Maximum"
  • Fixed a bug where a certain creature sometimes didn't appear in summer
  • Winter and ending sequence timings improved
  • Various small fixes and improvements to audio mixing

Once again, big thanks to Jon Brodsky at Lucky Frame for battling the OSX crash problem and Ethan Lee for the Linux support.

The Steam version should update automatically, but the ones on Humble or IndieGameStand will need to be re-downloaded.

If you bought via Humble (or before) and have lost your download information, please use the Humble Store Key Resender to retrieve it.

Other news:

Artifact Edition and Soundtrack

These are still in the works. Coordinating work is hard but we're making definitely progress. We're using A-to-Z Media to print and package them, and we building up a collection of what's going in them, filling in DTP templates etc. There's a wild zine-like booklet and a card game. If you're one of the people who pre-ordered and are sick of waiting, let me know () and I'd be happy to refund you. It's proven much harder and slower than we thought, but we are still working on it.

Playstation 3 and PS Vita Version

I failed to write an update about this at the time, but Proteus is now available on PS3 and PSVita thanks to Curve Studios. It's cross-buy (i.e. pay once and get it for both platforms) and you can find out more here.