Proteus Beta 2 on the way…

Sorry about the ominous silence: After some delays and struggles with schedules, government bodies, payment processors and email providers we're hoping to release the first public beta update in a couple of days.

There'll be a few new things to discover, new music, bug fixes and refinements and a new way to save and share islands.

We're also sending out Humble download keys to all pre-Humble buyers.

This will be still be Windows only at first: The Mac build is not quite ready for a release beyond a few brave testers, but it's not far off and should be along a few weeks later.

(We haven't forgotten Artifact people - there'll be another email going out with some info about the edition, exclusive digital stuff and a confirmation that we've got the right shipping address)

Lastly, please enjoy this pack of postcards, wallpapers, whatever you want to call them. (That glitch in the bottom left of each one? Hmm…)