Proteus OST release: Proteus Suites

Proteus Suites cover

An alternate journey across the island landscapes as visited by the wandering Robin Goodfellow, a Puck:

The album begins the afternoon of the day before the game begins,
In the Tower, where the Birds are in congress. From here,
The suites loosely follow the familiar seasonal arc of playing the game,
while occasionally drifting outside of its procedural space,
to trail and soak and stir up various secrets spotted along the way.


We’re delighted to let you know that our beloved David Kanaga (the main co-creator of Proteus alongside Ed) is releasing a 15-track Proteus OST titled Proteus Suites on Bandcamp today, on the Autumnal Equinox.

The soundtrack is available to purchase or stream for free from this link!

If you already own the Artifact Edition, we're aiming to send out digital download codes in the next few days.

Proteus Suites is a collection of tracks built out of the music from the critically acclaimed Proteus. In Proteus players were invited to traverse an island, as their interactions with the procedurally generated landscape shaped the sound and music around them. How do you make a fixed soundtrack out of a game where the music is so intimately entwined with the live playing of it? David has presented the OST as a series of four journeys, using the parts from which the game music is constructed and re-mixed them to portray the routes of an imagined character across the Proteus island.

Proteus Suites tracklist

Killscreen recently described the Suites in its coverage of the Artifact Edition:

These sonic landscapes suggest both possible paths through the game’s own formations, as well as imaginary journeys undertaken in idle daydreams, soothed by unknown creatures. They are a survey of past wanderings, a musical composition for live performance and a score for future voyages.

You can also get hold of a physical copy of the music as part of the Proteus Artifact Edition, a limited run of 150 beautiful, esoteric objects, expanding on the world and ethos of Proteus.

Do also check out David's recent & upcoming works of game; Panoramical and the forthcoming Oik OS.

If you’re a member of the music or games press and would like to interview David about how he made the OST, drawn from a procedurally generated soundscape game, just drop him a line at .