Version 1.1 now available: Linux, Steam Big Picture support


I'm happy to announce that Proteus is now available for Linux, both on Steam and via the Humble store. For Windows and Mac this is also a "1.1" release that is mostly minor tweaks, bugfixes and user-experience improvements.

Apart from the Linux build, the most notable addition is full support for Steam's Big Picture mode. This simply means that everything is now controllable via a joypad, including the menus.

Here's a rough list of the smaller changes and fixes:

  • Added option to affect behaviour when running in the background: running or paused, with audio on or off.
  • Options screen now available in-game (press F1)
  • Fixed mouselook not working on some systems
  • Graphical improvement to horizon
  • Fixed horizon type planes getting cut off under camera when looking down and FOV very wide
  • Volume control now works
  • Rotation speed setting now affect keyboard rotate
  • Slightly reduced walk speed
  • Invert Y now off by default (oops)
  • Improved mouse-smoothing and general mouse control (hopefully)
  • Added a setting for mouse smoothing on/off
  • Minor sound tweaks
  • Adding missing credits
  • Fix for OSX case sensitive file systems

Once again, big thanks to Alex May, Jon Brodsky, Ethan Lee (Linux porting maestro) and the Linux testers for making this happen!

Next up: Continuing to try and get the Artifact Editions designed and produced, preparing a talk for AMAZE and working on a secret console port of Proteus, due out later this year. David is currently working on the soundtrack album…

…And spring is finally here!

Go outside, listen to the birds, look out for flowers!