About Us

Founded by game designer Ed Key, Twisted Tree collects his collaborations with others and new small experiments.

Previous work includes the award winning Proteus, made in collaboration with David Kanaga, while current work includes Forest of Sleep – a procedural storytelling game made in collaboration with Nicolai Troshinsky.

To see the full credits for each game, please visit the individual project pages.

Ed Key

Ed grew up in Cumbria and, in the past few years, returned to live there, where he is also a semi-regular planter of trees and repairer of stone walls.

In 2009 Ed began work on Proteus, alongside co-collaborator David Kanaga. In 2012 Ed went full time on the project, forming Twisted Tree as an independent label under which he would publish games in collaboration with other artists and developers. Twisted Tree now brings together Ed’s collaborations and new works of game design.

The Forest of Sleep Team


Co-Designer, Art and Animation, Forest of Sleep


Hannah Nicklin

Creative Producer, Forest of Sleep


Chris Butler

Developer, Forest of Sleep


Martin Kvale

Sound Design, Forest of Sleep


Joonas Turner

Sound Effects, Forest of Sleep


A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost
Music, Forest of Sleep