A game of audio-visual exploration and discovery by Ed Key and David Kanaga

Common questions and answers regarding technical problems and other issues. Please check the list below, and if your problem or question isn’t covered, please email me (Ed Key) at .

Technical Support

First, if the problem is a crash or graphical corruption, please ensure you have updated your computer’s graphics drivers to the latest stable version. This will usually be possible via the manufacturer’s website.

Second, if the crash is occurring with an older stand-alone (i.e. not Steam) version of the game, please try downloading the latest build from your Humble download page or other store page.

If this does not resolve the problem please read on:

  • Game crashes on startup
    • On Windows (likely on an Intel HD graphics card, which is causing problems with Proteus 1.2.1)
      • Try reverting to Proteus 1.2 – see below for details if using Steam. If using a standalone installer, please contact me.
    • On OSX 10.6.8
      • Please try the following workaround:
        • Open Terminal.app (Spotlight should be able to point you to it), and enter in these four lines: (If the first one can’t find the directory, this will be because the Proteus install is somewhere else. If you can’t figure out where please let us know…)
          cd ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Proteus/Proteus.app/Contents/MacOS/
          curl -O http://www.flibitijibibo.com/osxboehm.tar.bz2
          tar xvfj osxboehm.tar.bz2
  • Game has inverted draw depth – the trees and sky appear through the terrain.
    • Assuming graphics drivers are up to date, this seems to be something introduced on certain ATI cards in patch 1.2.1. The current workaround is to revert to Proteus version 1.2.

How to run an older version on Steam:

Older versions can be accessed via Steam’s “Beta participation” feature. To access this, right click on “Proteus” in the Library screen and follow these instructions (link).

Artifact Edition

  • When are these shipping?
    • As of mid-December 2015 this is almost complete - the only thing we're waiting for is to see if it's possible to swap the cardboard used as the inner part of the box, and then get a first proof copy. I would expect that we can start sending them out in February. (Sorry for the huge delay!)
  • Will any more be available for sale?
    • Yes, there should be around 200 more copies available, price to be confirmed. Possible discount if you already bought Proteus at full price, but this could be hard to manage and is also to be confirmed. This will be announced via the mailing list.

Other Questions

  • Will Proteus have any future updates?
    • The only planned updates at the moment are essential maintenance.
  • Can I be notified of future games?
    • I’ve just added a mailing list signup for announces from me (Ed) aka Twisted Tree Games. This will be low traffic, easy to unsubscribe from, and addresses will not used for any other purpose. Go here to sign up.
    • For David’s latest main project, check out Panoramical (with Fernando Ramallo). It's out now and is wonderful!
    • Twisted Tree Games now has a twitter account:
    • You can also find us on Twitter individually at and .
  • What happened to the forum?
    • You can still access it here, but I’m planning to “retire” it. It was very useful during the beta phase, and I hugely appreciated all the contributions, but now it’s mostly just one more inbox that I have trouble keeping up with. It’s also quite flaky and awkward to maintain – another reason to wind it down.